Job Vacancies at Njombe Regional Referral Hospital 2024 Medical Practitioner of the Njombe Regional Referral Hospital, would like to announce job vacancies for all Tanzanians with the required qualifications and who are sincerely interested in working at the Njombe Regional Referral Hospital to submit their applications within 14 days, starting on 20/ 02/2024 to 04/03/2024.

Njombe regional referral hospital was established in the year 2016. Initially the services were being provided using Njombe town council facility namely Kibena. Following construction and completion of new OPD buildings in mid 2019, the Regional Referral Hospital has transferred its services to new facility situated at Mgodechi area which is about 7 kilometers from town centre. Thanks to the current Government under his Exellency Dr John Joseph Pombe Magufuli for his leadership and focus on improving health care system.

Job Vacancies at Njombe Regional Referral Hospital 2024


a) Qualifications for employment:

  • Employed with a Doctor’s Degree from Universities/Colleges recognized by the Government who have completed “Internship” and obtained registration from the Tanganyika Medical Council (Medical Council of Tanganyika)

b) Tasks and responsibilities:

  • To do all the medical work in the hospital related to various diseases including children’s diseases, maternal diseases and normal and emergency surgery.
  • Providing and managing health education as well as improving the health of the community in the District and Region or its work area.
  • Investigating, monitoring and preventing disease outbreaks
  • Keeping statistics and using them as directed in the principles of MTUHA Planning and evaluating health services in his work area
  • To teach students and employees present at the workplace. To supervise and direct the employees under him
  • Teaching students in Health Colleges located in his area of work Designing and conducting research and disseminating results
  • Designing and preparing strategies to improve the quality of service in his field Preparing plans and budget estimates for health services
  • Participating, reviewing and improving health services (Medical audit and quality improvement)
  • To provide Outreach services in his District/Region
  • To do other work assigned by his superior.


a) Qualifications for employment:

  • Employed with a Diploma in the field of technologist grade II – Radiographer from a College recognized by the Government and who are registered with the Council (Medical Radiology and Imaging Professional Council).

b) Tasks and responsibilities:

  • To treat patients who are directed to his work area with the right radiation directed by a Radiologist.
  • Taking care of Radiotherapy machines and equipment in his work area
  • Inspecting and managing the quality of the radiation emitted by radiotherapy machines (Radio – therapeutic quality).
  • Supervising the employees under him.
  • Giving advice about the work of radiotherapy and radiation in his work area Preparing medical/diagnostic equipment and managing the cleaning in the work area (sterilization).
  • Provide initial training to employees who are assigned to work in their work area.
  • To do other work that will be assigned by his head of work related to his education, experience and skills.


a) Qualifications for employment:

  • Employed with a Diploma in record keeping from a College recognized by the Government.

b) Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Receive documents from outside and inside the institution and put them in files.
  • Finding records/documents/files required by users
  • Analyzing, cataloging and organizing records in groups according to the relevant subject for office use.
  • Placing/Organizing records in racks/in registers/archiving rooms.
  • Keeping records of (letters, documents etc.) in files.
  • Maintaining and controlling the loss of documents and ensuring that these documents are not given to those who are not responsible for them.


a) Qualifications for employment:

  • Employed with a Diploma in Body Care (Mait) in a College recognized by the Government.

b) Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Receiving, cleaning and caring for Bodies (Cadavers)
  • Treating and preparing bodies (Cadavers) for examination
  • Maintaining Mortuary Room Equipment
  • Hand over the bodies (Corpses) to the right parties according to the Hospital’s procedures Protect and ensure the protection of the bodies (Corpses)
  • Prepare a quarterly performance report and submit it to the Medical Officer.


a) Qualifications for employment:

  • Employed with a diploma in construction technology from a college recognized by the government.

b) Work and responsibilities

  • Making changes to the infrastructure of buildings.
  • Maintain building maintenance equipment.
  • Provide information on lost and damaged equipment to the physician in charge.
  • To prepare an annual plan for the modification of the infrastructure of buildings.
  • Advising the Hospital Management on the correct way of Maintenance of the building infrastructure.
  • Prepare a quarterly report and submit it to the Medical Practitioner.


  • Have knowledge and experience in the following areas;
  • Carpentry.
  • Other technical characteristics.

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  • Must be under 45 years of age and in good health.
  • Applicants should attach a resume (Curriculum Vitae) with correct address, correct telephone numbers, as well as the names of two guarantors (government employees) and their available telephone numbers.
  • Letters of two Guarantors with their correct addresses and phone numbers.
  • He should have relevant professional certificates. Testimonial “provisional results” statement of results, document of the results of the fourth form are NOT ACCEPTED.

Applicants who are abroad, make sure their certificates are approved by TCU or NECTA.

Applicants should attach copies of the following attested certificates;

  • a) Birth certificate.
  • b) Certificate of completion of fourth form education.
  • c) Certificate of completion of sixth form education for graduates.
  • d) Professional Certificate.
  • e) Passport Photo 1.
  • f) License from relevant councils.

For the latest Ajira Mpya Njombe Regional Referral Hospital (Hludewa Hospital) Contract Vacancies Announcement The deadline for sending applications is 04th March 2024

Nafasi za kazi Njombe Regional Referral Hospital

All applications should be submitted by post or in person:-

To obtain additional details regarding the posted positions and the application process, kindly download the attached PDF document below.


Issued by the Information and Relations Office Njombe Regional Referral Hospital 20th February 2024.