Various Jobs at Kishapu DC March 2024 Kishapu District is located in the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania. It covers an area of approximately 2,905 square kilometers and has a population of around 260,000 people as of 2016. The district administration center is situated in Kishapu town. The district is mainly composed of rural areas, with agriculture being the primary economic activity.

Various Jobs at Kishapu DC March 2024


i. All applicants must be Citizens of Tanzania generally with an age not above 45
years of age except for those who are in Public Service;
ii. People with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply and should indicate
clearly in the portal for Public Service Recruitment Secretariat attention;
iii. Applicants must attach an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) having reliable
contacts; postal address/post code, e-mail and telephone numbers;
iv. Applicants should apply on the strength of the information given in this
v. Applicants must attach their certified copies of the following certificates: –
 Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma/Certificates;
 Postgraduate/Degree/Advanced Diploma/Diploma transcripts;
 Form IV and Form VI National Examination Certificates;
 Professional Registration and Training Certificates from respective
Registration or Regulatory Bodies, (where applicable);
 Birth certificate;
vi. Attaching copies of the following certificates is strictly not accepted: –
 Form IV and form VI results slips;
 Testimonials and all Partial transcripts;
vii. An applicant must upload recent Passport Size Photo in the Recruitment Portal;
viii. An applicant employed in the Public Service should route his application letter
through his respective employer;
ix. An applicant who is retired from the Public Service for whatever reason should not
x. An applicant should indicate three reputable referees with their reliable contacts;
xi. Certificates from foreign examination bodies for Ordinary or Advanced level
education should be verified by The National Examination Council of Tanzania
xii. Professional certificates from foreign Universities and other training institutions
should be verified by The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) and
National Council for Technical Education (NACTE);
xiii. A signed application letter should be written either in Swahili or English and
addressed to Secretary, Presidents Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat,
P.O. Box 2320, University of Dodoma, Utumishi /Asha Rose Migiro Buildings
xiv. Deadline for application is 25 March , 2024;
xiv. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed on a date for interview and;
xv. Presentation of forged certificates and other information will necessitate to legal action

## Geography and Climate

Kishapu District lies between latitudes 2°48’S and 3°45’S and longitudes 31°41’E and 34°07’E. It shares borders with Kahama District to the north, Shinyanga Rural District to the east, Kishapu Rural District to the south, and Muleba District to the west.

The climate in Kishapu District is tropical, characterized by two distinct seasons: the rainy season (October to May) and the dry season (June to September). The average annual rainfall ranges between 800mm and 1,200mm.

## Demographics

As per the 2016 Population and Housing Census, the total population of Kishapu District was estimated to be around 260,000. The district has a relatively young population, with about 47% of the residents being under the age of 15 years. The majority of the population (around 99%) is composed of native Tanzanians, primarily belonging to the Sukuma ethnic group.

## Economy

The economy of Kishapu District is primarily based on agriculture, which accounts for over 90% of the employment opportunities. The main crops grown in the district include maize, rice, beans, cassava, and sorghum. Additionally, livestock farming, particularly cattle, goats, and sheep, is also prevalent in the region.

Recently, efforts have been made to promote small-scale industries, such as brick-making and food processing, to diversify the economic base of the district. However, infrastructure development remains a significant challenge, limiting the growth potential of these industries.

## Administration

Kishapu District is part of the Shinyanga Region in Tanzania. It is divided into 24 wards, which serve as the primary administrative units. Each ward is further divided into several villages, overseen by elected village councils. The district administration is headed by a district commissioner appointed by the central government.

## Education

Education in Kishapu District faces several challenges, including limited infrastructure, insufficient teaching staff, and inadequate learning materials. As of 2016, the net enrollment rate for primary education was around 94%, while secondary education enrollment stood at approximately 27%. Efforts are underway to improve access to education and enhance the quality of learning in the district.

## Health

Healthcare services in Kishapu District are provided through a network of health facilities, including hospitals, health centers, and dispensaries. The district hospital serves as the main referral center, offering specialized services and supporting lower-level health facilities. Despite these efforts, healthcare access remains limited in some rural areas due to inadequate infrastructure and transportation challenges.